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Dark Circles EP

Ritual Salvation Records’ leading lady Lexxi Vonne returns to grace the imprint for its eleventh release, bringing with her a four-pronged array of House, Techno Breakbeat and more. Pushing dark and grittier sounds throughout, the EP comprises a wealth of different influences and showcases the full extent of her creativity. 


Opening the release, ‘Dark Circles’ eases you into gear with laid-back drums and swaying percussive elements before diving deeper with layers of sinister synths and pulsating bass - creating an eerie and obscure late-night aura.


‘Forgiveness’ ramps the energy up a notch with boisterous breakbeat and rave-inspired melodics - laced with emotionally charged strings and pads. Its racy energy and gripping synths are the perfect accomplices for rhythmically plucked sub-bass, making for a blistering result.


Next up, ‘Victorious’ features more subtle-rave inspiration via rough synths that ricochet off its driving drums and piercing hat grooves. Its combination of grunge and potent beats make it a worthy selection for the small hours, with hypnotic pull from end to end.


Closing the release, ‘Who Knows Who Goes’ comes to the table with an intergalactic presence and big-room charisma. Arpeggiated synths and sweeping bass notes bounce off a rambunctious bed of drum work, accumulating into a heavyweight roller - capable of lighting a fire under your feet and keeping you stomping indefinitely.

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