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London-based artist Lexxi Vonne is a developing talent breaking the mould of female sonic stereotypes within sound production and the electronic music scene. Accentuated by heavy beats, Lexxi‘s often darkened sounds come from many years of musical discovery, inspired by many genres. Influenced by Drum & Bass, Rock and Cinematic music, you can feel a fusion of popular tones and cultured trends within the framework of her often genre-fluid and boundary-pushing musical creations. 


Lexxi’s latest offering is an inspired single on her Ritual Salvation imprint. ‘22.22.22’ is an instantly nostalgic cut with ‘80s connotations. Pushing an uplifting cinematic feel, its sturdy base of Bronskiesque drum work and sawing bassline drives the track forwards whilst commanding keys and rippling synths dot their way throughout the mix. Opting for less of a deepened approach with this production, ‘22.22.22’ is an undeniably catchy nod to one of music’s most iconic eras. 

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