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Label boss Lexxi Vonne is joined by renowned violinist Wael Anwar for the next release on Ritual Salvation Records, including several captivating remixes for ‘Kamanga’.

Ritual Salvation Records’ leading lady Lexxi Vonne returns to the label with an artistically striking new release, collaborating with “The Violin Man” Wael Anwar to deliver a four-track EP featuring remixes from label favourite Fabrizia Corsi and Lexxi herself.

‘Kamanga’ is a culturally-inspired piece, offering enchanting melodies and instrumental prowess from the off. Delicate drums and subtly driving percussion drive the track along whilst a chorus of plucked strings and mesmeric violin solos glide over pulsating synths and deepened bass notes, mixing ottoman flavours with deep house influence throughout.

Lexxi Vonne follows the original cut with a groove-laden remix, providing a dancefloor-focused alternative with firmer drums and more emphasis on club-ready elements. She also delivers a slightly more stripped dub mix, taking things down even deeper and carving out a perfectly crafted late-night option.

Fabrizia Corsi rounds off the release with a toughened rendition of the original. Beefy drum work and racy hat grooves give the track newfound energy whilst the introduction of gritty synths and a resonant bassline bring a firm yet elegant edge to an undeniably enchanting piece of music.

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