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Show Time EP

The next release on Ritual Salvation Records comes as a breathtaking four-track EP from London-based artist Fabrizia Corsi - Show Time. 


Italian Fabrizia Corsi’s career spans over a decade and a half and has seen her perform globally during that time. Her latest body of work comes as a quadruple package of stunning original cuts. Stretching deep into the heart of melodic house and techno, ‘Show Time’ is a standout collection of works by one of Europe’s most talented rising artists.


Opening the release, the title track ‘Show Time’ is an upbeat and driving hotbed of raw elements. Punchy drums and a rolling bassline make way for sweeping pads and synths, with the injection of rides and melodic riffs adding heightened energy throughout the track’s captivating journey.


‘Yalaly’ follows next with a looser and more late-night allure. Driven by undulating rhythm and the ripple of a sirenic vocal, its cadent synth melodies and rolling grooves repeatedly crescendo to a great height before breaking into vast and dreamlike soundscapes. 


Next up, ‘Aria’ takes you on a hypnotic nighttime journey through exotic skies. In a track that heavily showcases Fabrizia’s cinematic potential within her music, it makes you receive melodic dance music with a middle-eastern vibe in an almost tangible sense - striking with emotion and scenes that you can see with your ears.


Lastly, ‘Zadar’ closes the release with feelgood energy and upbeat tones. Channelling more exotic influence, its rabbit holes and snare rolls make for a dipping and diving dancefloor voyage - filled with movement-inducing flair and hedonistic vibrations.

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