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Balearic Memories

Fabrizia Corsi returns to London-based imprint Ritual Salvation with a picturesque melodically-charged single -
Balearic Memories.
Italian Fabrizia Corsi’s career spans over a decade and a half and has seen her perform globally during that time. Her latest offering is an undeniably emotive single inspired by one of the most musically poignant places on the planet, released in two parts across a stunning radio edit and endearing extended mix.

‘Balearic Moments’ is an instantly reminiscent piece of music with a Mediterranean vibe from the outset. Danceable drum grooves and sharp percussive drive pave the way for an ensemble of captivating musicality, delivered in an array of melodic layers to bring an emotionally gripping and uplifting end product. Both the radio edit and extended mix create an atmospheric space in which you can close your eyes and become completely lost in the magic of the locational memories they represent.

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