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Aquarian Age EP

Aquarian Age, the debut EP from Ritual Salvation, created by Lexxi Vonne is a four-track compilation featuring an array of emotive frequencies that are seamlessly represented through each individual cut. 


This experiential multi-genre EP features the incredible vocals of Sofi Mari, who delves into this genre of music for the first time, since making waves on the Drum & Bass circuit.


Aquarian Age is an aptly named opening track as it conceptualises the compassionate and more humanitarian ‘Age Of Aquarius’. The track features a glitchy, yet upbeat undertone to highlight togetherness, beauty and individuality. Sofi Mari vocalises this feeling perfectly and translates the experience of living in another world beautifully.


The follow-up track on the EP comes in the form of Learn to Unlearn. This track is a remix of Barbarella’s Bang Bang latest single which features the original and heavy bass guitar riff, full of groove and vocals. This track is a verbal portrayal of reform from old to new and highlights certain societal issues and beliefs through the ages. As the track unfolds, more of the distinct guitar riffs are evident as they are added to a well-balanced drum loop and catchy synth sequences. This incredibly well-layered production incorporates the groove of a classic house base with an indie twist.


The EP takes a pleasant turn with its third installment. Fluffy Tones shifts the tone dynamic as it delves into the more ‘dream like’ state of consciousness. The track has been produced as a response to a darker breakbeat track ‘Forgiveness’ (Release date TBC on Ritual Salvation). This upbeat track cleverly maintains an edgy and dark subliminal message hidden in the depths of its euphoria as it continues its flow and acoustical journey of emotional states.


Fruit Punch is the final chapter of this incredibly well-balanced EP. Co-written with Aston Harvey from ‘The Freestylers’ ends this release compilation on a wonderfully positive note. 

A hugely upbeat piano loop, enhanced with elements of soul and jazz rolls through an incredibly infectious bassline that portrays the hope we feel for the summer to come. This inspirational production closes the Aquarian Age EP as the shining light at the end of the tunnel.

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