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Andrew Bird is a multi-ethnic multi-instrumentalist with 29 years background in music and audio production. He currently resides in Bristol producing mograph, video and sound for media and TV.

Featured credits: 

Film, Documentary & Theatre:

State of Heart - (MD Composer/Arr)

Cephalopod - (Dir: Lewis Peakes)

The Drycleaner - (Dir: Chris Carr)

Unseen Ideas - The Wellcome Trust (4 Documentaries)

Maria Heidmann - (Documentarian - Marine Conservation)


ZenB - TVC 

Legends of Gaming original titles - (Endemol)

Pretty Up Front original titles - (Endemol)

DryCleaner Podcast Ident and beds - (Chris Carr)

Andrew's material can be purchased here via the playlist below for online non commercial licensing. For commercial license or to hire Andrew please contact us

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